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Drought Tolerant, Heat Loving Plants on "Home & Family Show" Deck Makeover!


I was assigned a deck garden makeover recently for the Hallmark daytime show,   "Home & Family" with Cristina Ferrare and Mark Steines. 

If you like home and garden shows, you'll love this unique daytime show where all the guests are experts from this genre!


When I design a garden makeover for television, one of the first things I do is secure the very best looking plants available.

This is TV after all!


 The pros at Armstrong Garden Center helped me select  drought tolerant, heat loving plants for this Southern California garden.

Armstrong Garden Center in Sherman Oaks, California supplied all of the plants.

The service was excellent and one of the nursery pros, Audrey, pulled plants with me for over two hours!


Before the deck makeover.



The Planting Conditions

The deck is open and sunny and has a southern orientation, meaning it receives generous sunshine most of the day.



Posted by Shirley Bovshow on March 14, 2013 at 12:00am

Video: Hellborus 'Fluffy Ruffles'

Co-owner and Hellebore breeder Chris' amazing double flowering Hellebore in a stunning array of colors for your shade perennial garden.

This new Helleborus is a double flowering type that has triple the amount of petals of common Helleborus. 

The breeder claims the plant is deer proof and drought proof.

I love the color and looks of the 'Fluffy Ruffles' Helleborus.

Anyone have any experience with it?

What are your thoughts?

More information:

Posted by Shirley Bovshow on February 14, 2013 at 9:05am

Fairy and Miniature Gardens on "Home & Family" Show, Hallmark Channel, Jan. 2 2013!

Hi Garden Center TV Friends!

Happy New Year!

Shirley Bovshow with a few of her miniature and fairy gardens for the Home & Family Show.

I invite you to watch my appearance on the "Home & Family Show," (Hallmark channel), tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013 at 10AM PST.

You can check your local TV listings for exact time and set your DVR!

If you enjoy it and want to see more gardening segments on the show, please let the producers know on the "Home & Family" community board on their website!

Unfortunately, there aren't enough gardening shows on TV, so I encourage your support!

The"Home & Family" show is a unique, live, daily, two-hour show all about home and family matters and is hosted by Mark Steines, (E Entertainment) and Cristina Ferrare (Big Bowl of Love- OWN network).…


Posted by Shirley Bovshow on January 1, 2013 at 6:04pm

3 Fruit Trees for Small Spaced Yards and Patios

Growing your own food at home is a huge trend among gardeners but it  seems to stop short of growing your own fruit.

There's a misconception among newer gardeners that a large yard is required in order to grow and  enjoy a crisp apple, juicy orange or luscious avocado straight from a tree!

It's exciting to share information about dwarf and compact fruit tree varieties that grow well and thrive in containers.

Enjoy the short video from my "Way to Grow" series on the Digs channel on Youtube where I present a multi-grafted apple tree growing in a container, a dwarf avocado tree named "Minicado" and an espaliered Meyer lemon tree.

"3 Fruit Trees for Small Spaced Yards and…


Posted by Shirley Bovshow on December 29, 2012 at 1:02pm — 8 Comments



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